UTeach STEM Educators Association

Anticipating the opportunity to keep all UTeach programs connected and strong beyond the initial four-year grant-funded implementation period, the UTeach Institute launched a two-year pilot program to create a permanent and sustainable national network of UTeach programs and alumni. We are proud to introduce the UTeach STEM Educators Association (USEA), established by the UTeach Professional Association Advisory Committee.

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Submit your nomination by September 30.


Developing STEM literacy for all students through innovation and excellence in university-based teacher education.


  1. Create a community of UTeach programs and stakeholders through networks, opportunities, and resources that support them to thrive in their universities, schools, and communities.
  2. Continuous improvement of the UTeach curriculum and model through analysis of program and graduate data and the application of current research-based, cutting-edge best practices.
  3. Advocate for effective university-based STEM teacher preparation and the importance of STEM education.
  4. Facilitate the establishment of a national research agenda for STEM instruction and assessment.
  5. Partner with other organizations to provide ongoing research-based professional development to university faculty and staff as well as alumni and in-service STEM teachers to ensure the highest-quality STEM teachers for our nation’s students.

USEA: UTeach STEM Educators Association from The UTeach Institute on Vimeo.

Membership Categories

UTeach partner programs from Cohorts 1 and 2 and their alumni will be eligible for membership initially, and information about how to sign up will be available this summer.

Program Membership: Institutions of higher education that have established UTeach programs (membership dues: $3,000/year)

Alumni Membership: Individuals who have completed UTeach programs
(membership dues: complimentary)

Affiliate Membership: Institutions or organizations that are interested in the mission of the association, including but not limited to:

  • Institutions of higher education that do not have UTeach programs
  • K-12 schools and school districts, education organizations, and other not-for-profit entities
  • For-profit corporations, commercial companies, centers, etc.

(membership dues: to be determined)

Membership Year

September 1 - August 31

Contact the UTeach Institute Professional Association Coordinator Julia O’Donnell.